The World of Soares Where Music Is a Journey of Life

At the tender age of 16, young Soares got his first nightclub gig. From there on there was no looking back. There was no stopping him from making people groove with his infectious tracks playing on a loop all across clubs and pubs.

All of what he does today, the open-air gigs, thousands of fans showering love, all of it started way back in 1995 as merely a hobby. The sound and vibe of electronic music appealed to Soares and since then music has been a journey in his life. Soares has been actively DJ-ing for 24 years and producing Dance music for 17 years. Drawing his 24 years of club experience around the world has influenced his DJ-ing style.

Soares’ career is built on substance, a solid one indeed. His sets are full offlavours.He makes clubbers around the worldsoar with spirits high till the dawn breaks. From ethereal and swirling cinematic soundscapes to energized bass-booming tech growlers;themillennial clubbers are loving to be locked into a Soares set.

Soares’ choice of music comes from a wide range of influences: House (Deep, Minimal, Tech, Techno, and Progressive) DJ Set and Live Set

He also has a solid 15 years of experience in Sound engineering. He has worked as a sound engineer for studios in India, USA and Europe Produce and Remixed album for Artists and DJ’s making Electronic music with crazy, funky sound and all this while groove has been his second name.

It’s what they say about good music, that if you aren’t jinxed by music, if you aren’t transported to a different world by one’s music, well then you haven’t heard the right artist yet!

Well, It Is True That You Haven’t Danced To The Nightlife If You Haven’t Danced To A Soares’Track!

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